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Zach and Ian met while cooking at a craft beer centric Irish pub in 2010 and began brewing beer in early 2012. After brewing a few batches and catching the 'brewing bug', they began looking into what it would take to open a brewery and a business plan was drawn up shortly after. Once the business plan was revised and polished with the help of the UW-Oshkosh SBDC (Small Business Development Center), the quest for a location and financing began. It was during this "blind-date" period that the two were united with Mo and a small group of passionate individuals that shared the dream of opening a brewery. With the team finally put together, they quickly got to work on procuring the building Fifth Ward Brewing Company now calls home. The financing came about a year later and the plan was put into motion. Building plans were drawn up, equipment was ordered, and permit applications were submitted. We brewed our first batch of beer, a porter, on October 20th 2017. The rest is history in the making.