Brewers Library

The entire reason we started brewing was the love of experimentation and our curiosity for new ingredients and techniques. We've had some successes as well as some not-so-successes when trying new things but each recipe we design inches us forward on the never-ending crawl towards the perfect brew. Our Brewers Library will contain all of the recipes that we come up with during our adventures into beer. There will surely be some oddities but some of our best ideas come from the weirdest of places.



  • Forman's Basement - Double Red IPA - 8.8% ABV – 70 IBU - 14 SRM
    •  Malt: Pilsen, Vienna, Amber Malt, White Wheat, Carafa Special I
    •  Hops: Skyrocket, Chinook, Citra, Calypso, Cascade
    • Yeast: WLP 001 California Ale
    •  Adjunts: Clover Honey
  • Forman’s basement is a hefty red IPA brewed for those who love dank and sticky hops. Right on the inhale, resinous pine and dank citrus aroma take over your nostrils. Specialty Amber malt and just a touch of Carafa Special I malt turn this beer a deep copper hue with a rich but not overpowering malt backbone. This beer is bittered with WI grown Skyrocket hops while an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser loads worth Chinook and Citra hops go into the kettle during whirlpool and Calypso into the fermenter to dry hop. The result is a huge hoppy beer with the aroma reminiscent of a particular basement somewhere in Point Place WI circa 1979. I can almost hear the Stones now.


  • Double Oat 7 - Oatmeal IPA - 7.2% ABV – 45 IBU - 2-3 SRM
    •  Malt: Pilsen, Vienna, Flaked Oats
    •  Hops: HBC 680, Chinook, Idaho 7
    • Yeast: WLP 001 California Ale
  • Don't let the light color of Double Oat 7 fool you, this beer packs a big smooth mouthfeel to deliver a hoppy punch. Beginning with a bittering addition of the super high alpha acid experimental hop HBC 680 and just a handful of Chinook, the finish on this beer is clean and assertive. This is important considering the big and rich mouthfeel that >20% flaked oats will give a beer. Loads of late addition Chinook hops in the boil and whirlpool lend a big piney citrus character. We then throw in 10 pounds of whole flower Idaho 7 hops into the fermenter to maximize the tropical citrus hop character. Vienna malt lends a whisper of a malt backbone to top it all off. Cheers!