Are we dog friendly? -This has yet to be determined. We would love for our four legged friends to be able to join in on the party, but we’ll leave it to the City to decide if that’s all good.

Why don’t we serve wine, cider, or liquor? -As a brewery/taproom, we are aiming to provide the best experience of craft beer that we possibly can. In order to do that, our taproom will be beer-focused. We believe there is a craft beer out there for everybody, you just need to stop by and find it!

Will we serve food? -We have partnered up with Gardina’s Wine Bar and Cafe to  provide a selection of high-quality items from their menu, all ordered directly over the bar and delivered to you, no phone calls necessary. We will also be hosting a variety of food trucks throughout the warmer months. Carry-Ins are encouraged but must be from a licensed restaurant. Check our website and social media for schedules and truck listings.

Can we host parties, events, meetings, etc..? -Absolutely. We have an extensive taproom and would be happy to reserve a table(s) and space for your next event. Catering options also available. Give us a shout and we’ll see how we can accommodate you.

Are we child/baby friendly? -Of course! Fifth Ward Brewing Company is a family oriented company and kids are always welcome. We’ll have boardgames and coloring books (for the adults too), as well as craft sodas and snacks in case they get hungry.

Do we have outdoor seating? -Our beer garden will be fully functional in the summer of 2018 but in the meantime, we’ll have some outdoor seating so you can enjoy the last warm days of fall with a pint, amidst the falling leaves.