Seasonal Releases

We strive to keep our tap list on a steady rotation and our seasonal releases will be the bearing that it spins on. As the seasons change, so does the harvest. By incorporating seasonally dictated ingredients into our recipes, we are embodying geography as well as season in every glass. An ode to mother nature, if you will.

Check back for seasonal releases as they are added to the line-up


  • HADES' SECRET - Chocolate Mint Porter - 7.7% ABV – 29 IBU - 30 SRM
    •  Malt: Marris Otter, Flaked Oats, Chocolate Malt, 60L, 80L
    •  Hops: Magnum, Wilamette
    • Yeast: WLP 001 California Ale
    •  Adjunts: Fresh picked Chocolate Mint Leaves
  • Hades' Secret has its roots in our culinary backgrounds. It was brewed to be a dessert beer, but one that you wont feel guilty for going back for seconds. It has a toasty Marris Otter malt base, on top of which we add equal parts flaked oats for creaminess and chocolate malt for a luscious bakers chocolate aroma and color. A dash medium caramel malts usher delicious milk chocolate and toffee flavors to the party. To top it all off, we dose the beer with a chocolate mint tea until it’s just the right blend of cocoa and mint. By all means, go back for seconds.