Burl Brown

Cinnamon Molasses Brown Ale

Burl Brown starts with a robust base of 60% toasty British Maris Otter malt. Flaked oats add a silky smooth mouthfeel while caramel  and roasted malts contribute to the toffee notes and its deep mahogany color. Molasses and whole cinnamon sticks are added during whirlpool, adding an extra layer of spice, toffee, and woody complexity.

(3.64) | 682 Ratings

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Malts:Maris Otter, Flaked Oats, Chocolate Malt, 40L, Carafa Special II
Hops:Magnum, Willamette
Other:Black Strap Molasses
Yeast:WLP 001
Beer Number:
Availability:Year Round

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