Distribution Expansion

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Distribution Expansion

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Why We’re Expanding Our Beer Distribution to Green Bay and Manitowoc

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try Fifth Ward beer, which is why we’re expanding our distribution to the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas. 

Oshkosh locals love Fifth Ward beer, and friends from surrounding areas have also become obsessed with our freshly-brewed favorites. Why not spread the love? 

We know our friends in the Green Bay and Manitowoc communities love a good craft beer, and many make the trek to Oshkosh to see us regularly. We don’t want them to miss out on a tall glass of freshly brewed Fifth Ward beer. 

As we’ve grown internally, we couldn’t maintain our relationships with these surrounding markets to the level our internal team and our customers expect. With our Green Bay and Manitowoc partners, we can ensure a steady supply of Fifth Ward beer to those locations and many new ones.

A Beer For Everyone

At Fifth Ward, we truly believe that we craft beers that everyone can enjoy! We offer creative, flavorful, and balanced beers that range from true-classic styles to frooted beers that hardly resemble the beers of the past. Even if you’re not big on drinking beer, you’ll find something you’ll love at Fifth Ward Brewing.

Featured Craft Beers

Try customer-favorite brews such as Haze It or Love It, 1869 Blonde Ale, and fresh beer from our Frootenanny series when you’re at partnered Green Bay and Manitowoc areas! Keep an eye out for new brews in each location as we ramp up our brewing schedule.

Haze It or Love It IPA
Haze It or Love It
1869 Blonde Ale
1869 Blonde Ale
Strawberry Pibber Jibber
Strawberry Pibber Jibber

Where We Want To Take Fifth Ward Next

We’re proud of the Fifth Ward family we’ve built over the years and can’t wait for more people to try our beer. We’ll be expanding to our distributors further west and continue to grow our local presence here in Oshkosh. We’d also like to self-distribute small accounts to unserviced territories in southern-central Wisconsin.

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